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Maximus Detailing Paint Correction


Paint Correction is a process of removing blemishes and imperfections from the vehicle paint. These imperfections can be swirls, minor scratches, marring, water spots, etching from bird droppings, oxidation, or all of the above. These imperfections are holding your paint back from its true depth, color, and gloss. Even brand new cars delivered to dealers from the factory contain some sort of imperfections, including vehicles costing hundreds of thousands of dollars!


Car owners aiming to make their paint look its best, paint correction is a worthwhile investment. 

Maximus Detailing Paint Correction Sparkle

This picture displays the paint being free of imperfections, has excellent depth, and brilliant clarity exposing the beautiful metallic sparkle in this Magnetic Gray paint.


This picture displays an example and a side-by-side of corrected paint (right side) and non-corrected paint (left side). A clear noticeable difference that anyone can appreciate.

The Paint Correction process is complex and requires the combination of proper skills, tools, and products to achieve maximum results. Each vehicle's paint is different and must be treated as such, even paints on the same vehicle model. At Maximus Detailing we do an in-depth assessment of your vehicle's paint and prepare a custom Paint Correction Plan to meet your needs and budget. 

Prepping the paint for Paint Correction is vital to achieving the best result. This preparatory process involves deep soaking, washing, chemical and mechanical decontamination, and taping off any trim/panels/emblems, etc. Then, a follow-up paint assessment is made to confirm paint thickness, further explore any imperfections under proper lighting, and perform panel wiping to rid the paint surface of any dust or chemicals left over from the prep process.

Since the Paint Correction Plan is unique for each vehicle, cost and timelines are determined based on our assessment and tailored plan.

After the Paint Correction process is complete, we recommend applying some sort of protection to the paint. These could include any the following:

One of the best types of protections you can put on your car is a Ceramic Coating. Not only will it provide excellent protection benefits, but it will seal in that corrected paint for a long time! Learn more about it on our Paint Protection page. 

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